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On the Menu, June 13th Edition

Yes, I realize it’s the 15th, but since this plan starts on Monday, I’m calling it the 13th. What are we eating this week?


Monday:  Lasagna with ciabatta bread and spicy greens salad. This is my special recipe lasagna, which is made with all real, no fat-free anything, yet manages to still have about half the calories of most lasagna. And,  it’s one of my most requested recipes, too. I actually made two of these, one for the freezer, to really make use of the oven space.  We got an amazing harvest of mixed greens, complete with spicy mustards, that will be paired with fresh strawberries and cucumber for the salad. It’s all topped off with Thadd’s amazing Ciabatta.

Tuesday: Shape-It-Up Meatloaf with whipped potatoes and broccoli.  Made this on Monday (also made two), again to utilize oven space. I admit to using my client’s menus to inspire my own, since I typically have all the spices out anyway, and one got my meatloaf this week. This works our well, since Tuesdays are a late night for me. We’ve had some potatoes and broccoli that needed using, and this was what they went best in.

Wednesday: Thai peanut tofu noodles. Thadd’s been wanting this for a while, so I put it on the rotation.

Thursday: Black bean & Yam burritos. You’re right, there’s a good bit of vegetarian on the menu this week.  We eat a lot of vegetarian anyway, but this week  it just seemed to fall out that we’re eating more than usual. We love these burritos, inspired by Seva in Ann Arbor.

Friday: Sausage lentil soup. Quick, easy, hearty, and makes a lot of leftovers. We prefer red lentils for this.

Saturday: Leftovers. Clean out the refrigerator day.

Sunday:  Saag and samosa pie. The mustard greens for this dish are from the garden. The samosa pie is a much easier way to do Indian samosas, and I’m also making a mango and basil chutney (it should really be cilantro, but since Thadd has that weird genetic it-tastes-like-soap thing, I substitute basil). And, thought it looks it, this isn’t quite vegetarian. The saag uses homemade chicken stock.  This will finish off our potatoes, use up those yummy greans, and allow me to crock-pot chickpeas so I don’t have to use canned (writes that down on the kichen schedule). Thadd’ll make the crust for the pie.

What are you eating this week?


On the Menu, Feb. 14th edition

Short and sweet, this is what our weekly menu looks like:’

Monday: Samosa pie with pineapple and raisin chutney, and chicken tikka masala. I love this pie from Vegetarian Times.  Yummy, and frugal ta boot!

Tuesday: Smoked sausage with saurkraut and potatoes. Yes, there’s a lot of potatoes this week. We have some to use up. I work late on Tuesdays, and Thadd’s got a late day at school; so, this is a fast meal that uses up some leftover ingredients.

Wednesday:  Shawn’s Indian & Chocolate Chili. It’s heading towards spring here, with temperatures hitting the 60s this week. This could be the last time we have this until next Fall.

Thursday: Chicken with roasted broccoli and spaghetti squash. We use spaghetti squash just like we would noodles. In this case, I’ll make a light sauce from the chicken drippings, and toss the chicken and broccoli in with the squash.

Friday: Tofu saag over brown basamati rice. Saag is kind of like a stew. This one will have Twin Oaks tofu, spinach, and mustard greens. It’s really rich and filling but naturally low-fat and low-calorie, and is one of Thadd’s specialties.

Saturday: Black Bean burgers with some kind of vegetable and bulgar pilaf. These are the black bean burgers I served at the Will Allen seminar that went over so well. They’re fabulous, and vegan! I don’t us a bun, but Thadd does. We top them with a cucumber relish and tomato (and sometimes mushrooms or cheese).

As always, lunches are mostly leftovers. Breakfasts are the usual suspects. What are you eating this week?