At this time, no advertising of any kind is accepted on this page.


Comments are welcome in the comment section of all posts. There are some guidelines:

-Posts are moderated. Your first post must be approved before you’ll see it. This can take some time, so be patient. If you don’t see it within 48 hours, please send me an email at chef (at) shwankie (dot) net.

-Your post will be deleted if it contains hate speech, sexually explicit material or language, or obscenity.

-Spam emails, posts obviously promoting another site or business, and over-posts will be deleted.

-Posts containing material that violates copyright or trademark laws, or otherwise violates intellectual property rights will be deleted, or the offending material removed. This includes plagiarized material, so please site sources appropriately.

-Posts breaking any laws will be removed.

Renaissance Cuisine is not responsible for comments not posted by it’s employees or owner.


If you would like me to sample your food, cooking, or related product, you can contact me by email. I encourage you to review my website, and especially my blog, before sending me a sample.  I do not promise to review products received, but will make an effort to do so. I will, however, give my honest opinion of any product I do review, whether it is good or bad, and I will disclose that the product was given to me as a sample.


I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. You should consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. All dietary and lifestyle advice contained in this blog is the opinion only of the blog’s owner and author. No medical advice or diagnosis is intended.

Credit: This legal disclaimer page was largely modeled on my friend’s fabulous wine blog, SwirlSipSnark, and I’d like to thank them for their advice to keep myself from getting sued.


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