Food this week, and Supplements

We’re doing a lot of seafood this week. Partly, I am low on iron, which is a constant battle for me; so, things like tuna are a good idea. And, partly because it’s a great source of protein and other healthy micros.

Foods for This Week:

Sous vide steelhead with steamed broccoli. It was on sale at Costco. Sous vide is the way to go with this–it melted like butter, had  tons of flavor, and used no additional oils to cook. We had portions for dinner, the rest I saved to eat cold over baby spinach salads for lunches and quick dinners.

Caprese Meatloaf. This is a combo of lean ground turkey, venison, and TVP, as well as baby spinach and some mozzarella cheese, seasoned with lots of basil, garlic, parsley, and pepper, topped with spicy Diavolo sauce. I’m serving it over zucchini noodles for me, and with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli for  the fella.

Ciopinno Soup. I used this recipe, but tripled it so we could eat leftovers this week. If you’re doing bread, this is a great recipe to dip some sourdough into (I am not, of course, but I wish I was!).

Other things I’ll be incorporating: spicy tuna & avocado salad over greens,  lox-wrapped avocado & egg, boiled eggs, and, as always, tons of fresh fruits and veggies.


I do take supplements, but I feel  it’s important to say that the supplements I take may not be one you need, and vice-versa. For various reasons, I have always had issues with anemia, and have had iron supplementation on and off for my whole life. I also take calcium (twice a week), fish oil,and CLA (the last two are daily). I don’t do much dairy and somewhat limited amounts of meat,  which is what these tend to supplement.  And, during winter months, I take Vitamin D. If you can, get your blood levels checked to see if you need any of these. For most people, a balanced diet provides adequate vitamins and minerals,but sometimes supplements are helpful. But, don’t just take stuff to take stuff.


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