All the Things.

Some folks have asked for some links, so here goes!

My Fitness Class Facebook, where I post all kinds of random fitness and food stuff.

My current YouTube Fitness playlist of ZuzkaLight, which I’ll be rotating through this week in addition to hiking and teaching.

My Pinterest recipes.

And, last week’s foods, cross-posted from Facebook (I’ll try to keep cross-posting for those who don’t do Facebook):

Last week, it was easy lunches and dinners. And, for three days, no lunches because I didn’t have time. Breakfasts were 2.5 scrambled eggs and some fruit, and dinners were one of these:
-Chicken taco bowls. Heaps of greens, chicken breast with taco seasoning, Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), a sprinkling of cheese, some sliced olives, pickled banana peppers, and lots of fresh salsa.
-TVP bolognese. TVP re-hydrated with beef stock then mixed with one of Wegman’s organic spaghetti sauces and served over a combo of zucchini noodles and shiataki noodles. Not gourmet, but it’s what I had time for that still got my protein and fiber in.
We also had our one year anniversary, so we cooked prime rib and opened a bottle of amarone! It was definitely a cheat day, but it was worth it!
This week, breakfasts are still eggs and fruit, but I’ve been able to toss in lunches of mixed fruit (pineapple, oranges, grapes, blueberries, strawberries), avocado-tuna salad over greens, TVP (beef broth for re-hydration) & rice cauliflower “kheema.”
Dinners are pork loin with whipped cauliflower and green beans, East Indian Chickpea Stew over cauliflower rice, and steak with veggies.

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