On the Menu 4/17/2015

The weather is finally heading into spring, which means I am craving veggies (as opposed to what I crave in the middle of winter, which is fat, chocolate, and red wine). I’ve also been hitting the physical activity pretty hard, which has felt great.

Today: Anda Masala. An Indian egg masala, over rice. With creamy, farm-fresh eggs, this is one of my favorite lacto-ovum veggie dishes in the world!

Saturday; Turkey avocado burgers, with baked zucchini fries. My burger will be bun-less, as I don’t eat a lot of bread; but, the others will be served on toasted brioche buns.

Sunday: Mediterranean kale, cannellini, and farro stew, with feta. A lighter soup for the warmer days, this will be sided with a fresh salad.

Monday: Leftovers. As always, some meals are designed to make leftovers for lunches. So, this is clean-out-the-fridge day.

Tuesday: Venison in bourbon butter sauce, with roasted Brussel sprouts. I’ve got some venison to use up, and it’s our day off, so I thought I’d be indulgent!

Wednesday: Salmon filet topped with avocado and farm-fresh egg, served with Zingerman’s sourdough bread. If you haven’t had Zingerman’s sourdough, you’re missing out. Order it. My roomie brought back a loaf for us from MI, where the bakery is located, and we froze half. It is, hands down, the best sourdough bread I have ever had. Incidentally, if you order the sourdough, also order the chocolate cherry bread (and send me a loaf!).

What’s for dinner at your house?


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