And on it goes…The Menu for this week, 1/8/2015

It is cold. Seriously, seriously cold. Cold enough that there’s no hiking or anything “outdoors” happening at all, so my current physical activity is limited to the gym. It does give me time to relax and enjoy cooking, though.


Tonight: Anda Masala. This is leftover from last night. It’s good reheated, but this is a dish that is just superb fresh. Farm fresh eggs and freshly-toasted spices give it a rich, creamy, deep flavor. Garnished with cilantro, it’s on of our favorite dishes.

Friday: Miso chicken, with quinoa and bok choy. Comfort food from start to finish. It’s like chicken soup meats miso soup meets braised chicken.

Saturday: East Indian Chickpea Stew. Yes, another Indian dish. Vegetarian. Everyone else will get it over rice, I’ll be eating it without. Garnished with Greek yogurt and cilantro.

Sunday-Monday: Leftovers.

Tuesday: Chili. Because it’s cold.

Weds: Parmesan crusted swai with zucchini New’dles (ribbons of veggies instead of pasta) and avocado-tomato-raisin quinoa. I am ordering kamut to take the place of the quinoa in our diet, as I have issues with the politics and economics surrounding quinoa.

SNACKS AND LUNCHES (other than leftovers): roasted almonds, avocado, fruit, almond butter, raw veggies, hummus, eggs, kale chips (yep, got those made the other day).

But wait, you say…where are the breakfast dishes? Well, despite the conventional wisdom that everyone should eat breakfast, I’ve discovered over the last several years I actually do better without it, instead eating between 12-1, and then having some snacks and a late-ish lunch/dinner. I have more energy, better clarity, make better eating decisions, etc. Yes, I’ve tried various forms of breakfast (high protein, low protein, high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, etc., etc.). And, I love breakfast. But, my body seems to do better overall without it, so I’ve started only eating the rare breakfast on a special occasion or lazy morning.

Nutrition isn’t an exact science, and everyone’s body and needs are different. I don’t recommend the general public going breakfast-free, but, once someone is on a good lifestyle path, some experimentation with eating schedule and style can really help tweak things.


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