On the Menu, Sept. 24th Edition. Now with Hiking!

I’m back to hiking after something of a hiatus due to medical leave. No, it’s got nothing to do with food, but it’s such a part of my life I just had to say it.

I’m pretty excited about this week’s menu, really. Lots of fun food that I really enjoy cooking. And, with fall officially here, I’m bringing out one of my cold weather favorites.

Weds: Sesame soy salmon, with veggies. This is simple and quick, because we’re going to be tired by the time we get home.

Thurs: Portuguese Fish Stew. One of my all time favorite soups, and I definitely suggest you make it (recipe here). I’m adding shrimp, because we got a bunch on sale and it’s delicious. This reheats beautifully without a fishy smell, so it makes great leftovers.

Friday: Anda Masala. Indian food is a staple in my diet, and egg masala is probably my favorite right next to the East Indian chickpea recipe I have. Both play in pretty heavy rotation, as you may have noticed. They’re healthy, easy, and have rich, deep flavors.

Saturday: leftovers. It’s a long day for me.

Sunday: Cannellini au gratin, served with balsamic and rosemary roasted olives and grapes.This is comfort food for me. It’s hearty, warm, and has a lot of great flavors (fennel, carrots, rosemary, butternut squash, Parmesan cheese) that all come together with the creaminess of the cannellinis to form a really rich dish. Yet it manages to be healthy. It’s best served, I think, with the roasted grapes and olives. The flavors together are so complimentary–the sweetness and acid from the roasted grape and olive dish cuts the richness of the bean dish. A pairing made in heaven (that I’ll be putting with some Roussane wine).

Monday: Leftovers. Because this week, there’s going to be a huge pile of them!

Now I’ve made myself hungry.


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