On the Menu…9/16/14 edition

Really, I am making an effort. Life, as life will, keeps throwing curve balls at my efforts to return to blogging. Some, like my amazing trip with the BFF last week, are totally welcome pitches. Others, like a nasty health thingy, less so. Either way, I’m back. At least for this week. So, what’s on?


Tuesday: Chicken tacos with roasted squash. Simple dinner for a busy day. We took a long walk, we cleaned the house, we did the laundry, I swapped out my summer clothes for fall ones (it’s gloriously fall-like here, and the nights are chilly, it was time), and just hung out together. We don’t get to do that enough, so we wanted to keep it easy for tonight.

Wednesday: Swai al forno, with olive oil and garlic roasted Brussel sprouts, and a Mediterranean ravioli. I love swai. It’s affordable, it’s sustainable, and it’s delicious. Heartier and more flavorful than tilapia, less aggressive than your average catfish. Since I got a 2 lb bag at Aldi for $8, it’s also a great way to include fish in the diet without cleaning out the bank account. I’m doing it with a fresh heirloom tomato and panko topping. The Brussel sprouts, one of my favorite veggies, are a great side to this. The pasta is actually a dish for later in the week’s lunches, but we’ll have a bit to fill out this meal. It’s cheese ravioli with diced avocado, tomato, and sausage tossed in a light lemon and white wine sauce.

Thursday: Chicken tikka masala. Yes, I do Indian food a lot. It’s delicious. It’s also frugal and makes incredible leftovers. And, in this case, it’s also incredibly easy. Slowcooker Indian Chicken, and the rice cooker for basamati. Noms.

Friday. The Mediterranean pasta above. 

Saturday: Spicy Thai coconut curry soup. I love Thai soups. This one has a seafood and red curry base, with mushrooms, greens, red bell pepper, rice noodles, and fish.

Sunday & Monday: cleaning out the leftovers!

What are you eating this week?


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