What I Eat: Nov. 13, 2012

Greek yogurt is one of my favorite food. It can be quick and simple, with just a banana, or it can make an elegant dessert.

Breakfast: Plain Greek yogurt with a banana.

Lunch: Chicken and broccoli casserole (leftovers),

Snacks: almonds, cheddar cheese, apples (I am on a huge apple kick right now), almond butter

Dinner: Catfish, brown rice cooked with chicken stock (low-sodium), steamed mixed vegetables

Stay tuned for another Cooking for One recipe tomorrow!

2 responses to “What I Eat: Nov. 13, 2012

  • Stacie

    I’ve never liked catfish, maybe you can help me? Every time I’ve tried catfish, it’s tasted “muddy” to me. Even when people tell me that their particular batch tastes “clean,” it still tastes dirty to me. Is that just a trait of catfish, or is there a cooking technique that will take away that “bottom-dwelling” flavor? (I love most other types of fish, though!)

    • Shawn


      The muddy taste is, in large part, going to be determined more by where the fish is from and how it is cleaned than any cooking technique. All catfish is, pretty much, a bit muddy. Farm-raised is less muddy, which are also, fortunately, considered very sustainable for the environment overall. So, if you haven’t tried farm-raised yet, I’d try that.

      The second, and perhaps better, option for those who want the heft of catfish but are sensitive to that “muddy” flavor is Swai. It’s generally also considered a good, sustainable option, and has all the good flavors and meatiness of catfish, but none of the muddiness. It’s also right around the same price.

      Hope that helps!

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