What I Eat: Resumed! Nov. 7, 2012

I’ve had some things going on that I’ve let stand in the way of my eating and workouts, but it took me a bit to realize I’d let things slip. I’ve been eating way to many simple carbs and processed sugars, and not doing much in the way of intensity workouts.  It happens, and I am not beating myself up over it; but, I do to take responsibility for having let it happen and am getting back on track.

So, you’re going to get a  “What I did” as well as a “What I ate” for a while, too!

Breakfast: Farm-fresh scrambled eggs with onion, garlic, and wilted arugala.

Snacks: almonds, cheddar cheese, local apples (mmm..granny smiths are here!), raw milk, banana

Lunch: Tuna salad (low mayo) with lima beans.

Dinner: Quinoa burgers with pumpkin soup.

My workout was a 10-minute interval training routine from Zuzana Light, plus I did some strength work with my Ugi Ball.  Totally dripping with sweat!

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