On the Menu: Oct 21-27

Yep, I’ve been gone again. Fortunately, nothing tragic. We had more problems with our internet, caused by a storm that messed up a line (it took them weeks to figure out what the problem was, but they finally did so last week). I’ve started a variety of classes for my continuing education credits. My broken thumb has finally (mostly) healed. And, I am back in the saddle of blogging again.

So, what are we eating this week?


Sunday: Black bean & sweet potato burritos. We had tenants here last week, and they like to cook! They’d made some beans and had leftovers, so we decided we’d make these vegetarian and dairy-free favorites together.

Monday: Beef Stroganoff over spaghetti squash. Grass-fed, local beef makes great stroganoff. I was lucky enough to even have locally-grown mushrooms (and, of course, our herd-share cream). Instead of pasta, we like to use spaghetti squash as “noodles.” It’s much healthier for you, and the flavor are great together.

Tuesday: Red lentil & Vegetable Soup. Thadd whipped up a great, hearty red lentil soup with carrots, potatoes, and spices in chicken stock.  On that note, I was talking about lentils the other day, and a friend mentioned that she didn’t care for lentils. She’d only had green lentils, and hadn’t realized that there were different types. To help with this, I”m going to do a primer on the different types of lentils soon!

Wednesday: Vegetarian Lasagna. This is one of my most-requested recipes. Mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, my own cheese & spice mixture, homemade red sauce, and noodles make a huge casserole that gives Thadd a ton of lunch leftovers. It freezes beautifully, so we cut it into portions, freeze the squares individually on a cookie sheet, then vacuum pack them. Easy, great lunches.

Thursday: Roasted chicken thighs with turnips and slaw. Thadd’s popping this into the oven, as I have to work late. Local turnips are in season! If you think you don’t like turnips, try them roasted with olive oil, some black sea salt, and long pepper. You might change your mind.

Friday: Leftovers.

Saturday: Black bean & banana empanadas. We love these, but keep not making them. This week, we’re making a triple batch so we can freeze a bunch for lunches!

Do you have a meal plan? Share it with us!


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