Thumbless in Lynchburg

Taco salad for lunch, from leftovers.

You never really understand how much you use your thumbs until you don’t have them. Well, I don’t, anyway.  I’ve injured my left thumb, which is making typing a bit challenging. So, I’m going to give you the bullet-points and a pretty picture that has nothing to do with post, but which I hope will keep you distracted from the general lack of content!

Garden update: Our tomatoes only did so-so this year. We got a great early crop, but the storm that knocked out our entire state also severely damaged many of our plants. We do have some late tomatoes that we’re force-ripening right now, hopefully before frost, and we’ll pick the rest of the green ones and store them.  The leeks made it through nicely and will be harvested after the first frost.  We’ll be cutting down the stalks on the sun chokes next week, and bringing in the first harvest of those, storing the remainder in the ground and digging as needed. The rest of the kale and chard will be planted today,  though it should have been done a few weeks ago. We’ll have to hold our breath and see if it grows.

On the Menu is on hiatus this week, but will return next week.

Continuing education. For those that ask about how to do what I do, one of the really important things is continuing education. Cooking is a skill that can be honed with practice, but to give the most to clients, staying up on the science of food and biology is important. In the next 6 months, I’ll be taking many of my continuing ed courses, including several classes on diet and nutrition, a physiology class, a pharmaceutical drug and interactions class, and a few others.

And, that does it for the day, as I take a break and ice my thumb.


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