Why I Do What I Do: Notes From a Client

As a Personal Chef, I cook for many people each year. Some for a short time, some for a longer time, some for health reason, some for personal reasons, some for time reasons, some just because they like having a Personal Chef. Clients move, have a situation change, or are done with their medical treatments and can resume their lives cooking for themselves (which is always the goal, really), and while they’re always missed, it’s great to see their lives moving on in a positive direction.  Even more wonderful is when I hear from clients that used my services in the past, as recently happened when a former client commented on my Personal Chef Services page:

“Hi Shawn –
I never thanked you for what you did while I lived in Lynchburg. I broke my ankle, my mother suffered from dementia and you provided the most delicious meals for us. You even have me now eating mushrooms and olives, two things I would have never eaten. The creative way you cooked meals live with me today. I eat greek yogurt, cook quinoa and steel cut oats and that is all because of your influence. Thank you for helping us.” -Gretchen

It’s these things that keep the smile on my face, that keep me loving my career. Helping someone discover new foods, change their eating habits, or just make it through a difficult time makes my every day brighter. People often ask, , “Don’tyou get tired of cooking everyday?”  And the answer is that some days, as with any career, I’d rather be doing something else; but overall, there’s nothing I’d rather do than this.

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