Slow Cooker Thai Coconut Tempeh Curry

I came across this recipe on while searching for dairy-free vegetarian recipes. I have to be careful how much soy I eat (naturally fermented is fine, but processed is a whole different beast), but I do love tempeh and figured I’d treat myself; so, it went on this week’s menu.

Reading the recipe, though, I thought “why in the world would you slow cook the tempeh without the miso, curry paste, and coconut milk? ” So, I didn’t.  In my head, there were mushrooms in this dish, too, so I put about half a cup into the crockpot at the start of cooking.  Also, I was pretty sure I wanted more sauce and a bit more miso, because I love the stuff, and a bit more kick than that small amount of curry paste would give. So, I doubled the coconut milk and tripled the miso and curry paste.

Those decisions made, I cooked the tempeh and the carrot mixture as per the directions, put them in the crockpot, then put everything else except for the frozen peas in and turned it on low for 6 hours. About 15 minutes before serving, I put in the peas.

It was fantastic. This is definitely going on our menu again.  And, I’d definitely try it with chicken or beef, too. So, a win on the first meal of the crazy new schedule!


5 responses to “Slow Cooker Thai Coconut Tempeh Curry

  • iasmindecordoba

    I just found out that The Brinery, one of the local artisan pickling vendors, has started making tempeh. To say that I am pleased doesn’t begin to cover my joy. I talked to them for a good half an hour today (a Detroit’s Eastern Market) about their product and it really highlights why I enjoy buying local. They were honest about their process, the hardships they had encountered along the way, and their honest about their struggles to maintain consistently high quality products. This kind of consistency is vital to their long-term business goals. I can be patient knowing that they care enough to tell me these things.

  • Shawn

    That is so cool! I am kind of curious why our local tofu maker hasn’t gotten into tempeh yet. Did The Brinery elaborate on the difficulties, at all? I’d be curious if that could be part of the reason Twin Oaks hasn’t gotten into it (I’ve asked, but often the person selling at the market isn’t someone who’s involved in that way).

  • Cheryl Wilson

    To make this more authentic, I would suggest galanga root instead of or in addition to the ginger root. Also, I plan to slow cook this but in a cast iron pan over low flame. In lieu of generic mild curry powder, I prefer garam marsalla and/or fresh curry leaves. I am also adding thai dragon peppers, because I like it HOT!! Good recipe over all.

    • Shawn


      All great ideas! I have a really difficult time getting fresh galangal root, and so I just stick with the ginger (I could use dried, but I don’t like it as much). I have a variety of curry powders–I use different ones depending what I’m in the mood for 🙂 The garham masala gives it too much of an Indian flavor, and so I stick with the thai curry. The dragon peppers would be awesome! Unfortunately, the SO isn’t not so much on the hot 😉

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