Saving Money on the Grocery Bill: Part 2

Reducing Food Waste: Part 2

II. Make a detailed grocery list.

Planning also keeps you on track with your purchasing. It starts with meal planning, and continues with making a detailed grocery list. If you have a plan and stick to it, far fewer “orphan” ingredients make their way into your refrigerator only to spoil. If nothing on your plan calls for celery, there’s no need to buy it.  Stick to the list.

Your grocery list should account for all your food needs for the duration between shopping trips (with the possible exceptions of things like fish that don’t hold well and need to be purchased within a day or two of consumption). More trips to the store equals more money out on unnecessary items that are often wasted.

Grocery List Tips:

-List the quantities needed right on the list. If you need two peppers for the week, list 2 peppers.

-Organize your list by type of item or isle. For example, put all your fresh produce in the same area of your list, all your meat in another, all your dairy and eggs in another. This will not only make your shopping more efficient, it will keep you from wandering back through isles repeatedly and seeing something you “just have to have” even though it’s not on the list.

Stay tuned for the next update on saving money on the grocery bill by reducing food waste!

If you missed it, read Part I…


3 responses to “Saving Money on the Grocery Bill: Part 2

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  • Stacie

    Great post, Shawn! (I also enjoyed your Part 1 post, and I was in the middle of commenting about yesterday, but one of my young’uns interrupted…)
    I agree with the more trips you make to the grocery store, the more temptations you face to buy unnecessary items. I know some people who diligently practice the once-a-week-and-no-more shopping routine, and refuse to go to store even if they run out of something. They just make do until they go back to the store the following week. If I run out of something, I don’t necessarily go back to the store for that one thing, simply out of laziness. (Hey, laziness is a good thing for avoiding food waste! Yeah, that’s it! LOL)

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