From the Archives: Food Costs, Health Implications, and Income Equality

Yeah, that’s a lot to cover.

In 2010, the Justice Department held a series of hearings regarding the state of food in the US. It was interesting, and, I must admit, mostly depressing. It did, however, lead to a series of blog posts by myself and others about some of the information presented. This came up recently on a board I frequent in the form of a rising food costs discussion, and it dovetails nicely with the series of blog posts that will start here on Monday about saving money on groceries, too. So, today you get not just my blogs about it, but also the article by Tom Philpot!

From EclecticEdibles:

Some of you may know that the Department of Justice has been holding agriculture antitrust workshops over the past year, culminating with the final workshop this past week in Washington, DC. You can catch some of it on C-Span, including what I am writing about here.  I am going to leave aside things from this panel like what farmers make in relation to prices charged for food, and focus on one of the panelists, because listening to his patter you’d think we were living in a Golden Age here in the US.” Read the rest…

Continue your reading with this post from (I’m linked & referenced by Mr. Philpott, which I have to admit was a bit heady for me!):

“Mythbusting: Cheap food does not equal higher quality of life.”


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