From the Garden: Lavender for Later

Lavender is easy to grow, and is good for more than just it’s pretty flower and pleasant smell.

It makes a wonderful, relaxing tea for those nights you can’t sleep or are stressed, and the chilled tea (in addition to being yummy) makes a wonderful compress for red or puffy skin.  From cookies to chicken, the unexpected, aromatic smell and unique flavor is a great seasoning for many things. We like to add it to lemonade and iced tea, too.


To dry, just tie together in a bundle, as shown, and hang upside down until the flowers are completely dehydrated. The time for this will vary a great deal, depending on how much moisture is in the air.



3 responses to “From the Garden: Lavender for Later

  • Angela

    Thanks for this. I have some growing on my balcony, but does it matter what the variety is for cooking and tea?

    • Shawn

      All lavender is edible, but different kinds have different levels of camphor. The more camphor, the more bitter it will be cooked. The variety most used for cooking is a hybrid called Provence, which has been bred to have less camphor; but, I have English, and like it in food just fine.

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