Menu Plan: May 28-June 2nd

Monday: Vegetable stir fry over rice. We had an abundance of snap peas in the garden, which were perfect in a stir fry!

Tuesday: Charred eggplant, red pepper, and portobello mushroom sandwiches with hummus and greens on jalapeno bread. The hummus was made fresh with lots of garlic, and will be a great replacement for dressing on the sandwiches. Making hummus is easy, and so much cheaper than buying it pre-made. Also, I get to control what’s in it, from extra flavors (this one’s roasted garlic!) to ingredients (I like to use a mix of extra-virgin olive oil and grape seed oil). The greens are the last from the garden, at least for now, as the weather has just gotten too warm for them.

Wednesday:  Chard and Spinach Frittata with roasted red pepper soup. The final bits of chard and spinach from the garden will bulk up the frittata.

Thursday: BBQ beans with sausage and squash, with snap peas. We needed an easy crock-pot meal.

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Thai drunken noodles and beluga lentil coconut soup. Both of these are pretty spicy dishes, but they’re light for summer. I’ve been wanting to do the beluga lentil soup for quite a while!


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