Online Meal Planning Services

Do you like to cook, but have a difficult time coming up with a meal plan, have special dietary needs to fulfill that make recipes difficult to find, never get dinner finished on time, or get stuck in a rut at meal times?

My Online Meal Planning services let you eat better with less stress while you save time and money.

Online meal planning is tailored to your needs. Service can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and can be customized with services including:

-Recipes and recipe development. Comprehensive, easy-to-use recipes delivered to your in-box, tailored to your dietary and taste preferences, as well as your schedule and cooking abilities.

-Grocery lists sorted to save you time. Organized to make sure you get everything on the list in the most timely manner. In many areas the list can even be organized by store isle. Shopping tips, such as what ingredients to look for on a label or how to choose the best produce, can also be included.

-Menu plans to maximize use of ingredients for less waste. When recipes call for half a pound of ground beef, but you can only buy a pound package, do you end up throwing out the rest? Cut down on waste in your food bill with recipes designed to make maximum use of all your ingredients!

-Cooking and Prep schedules.  Cut down on dinner time stress with one of the best cooking tools used by professional chefs.  This at-a-glance schedule can save you money and improve the healthfulness of your meals, as well as making sure dinner is ready on time.

For more information, use the “Contact” form on the right side of your screen.


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