No, I Said “Maceration!”

We love fresh strawberries and shortcake, but neither of us have ever liked the super-sweet style most people are familiar with. All that sugar hides the wonderful flavor of the season’s best strawberries.  It’s fine for the kiddies, but I like something with more depth, something that accentuates the fruit rather than hiding it.

If you come to our house for strawberry shortcake, you’ll get a bowl full of homemade sweet biscuit (often with lavender, rosemary, or cinnamon), vanilla marcapone, and balsamic-vinegar macerated strawberries.

Maceration breaks down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables using acid. For this dessert, we hull and slice the strawberries, add just enough balsamic vinegar to cover, add about 1 tsp. sugar for every pound of strawberries, the stir and cover. We like to let it sit for at least a few hours, but overnight or longer is better.  And, as a bonus, any leftover vinegar sauce is an amazing salad dressing!


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