A Week of “I Don’t Want To!”

It’s probably obvious that I love to cook. Generally, it relaxes me, and I certainly love the results of my time in the kitchen. But, I do get burnt out, and there comes the ocassional week where I just dig in my heels like a toddler throwing a tantrum and mentally yell “But, I don’t WANT to cook!” There are various reasons for this, ranging from being tired to not wanting to clean the kitchen when I’m done to just plain wanting to do other stuff. It just happens.

That’s this week. Yes, there’s a meal plan. Yes, the ingredients are in the house. No, I don’t have any motivation to get into the kitchen and get the almonds roasted or the coconut granola made.

I’ve never found a remedy for this, though I’ve tried everything from making some new and (theoretically) exciting recipe to going out to dinner to remind myself why we don’t do so very often.  Mostly, I just try and push through it. Sometimes, I try and push Thadd through it (and he usually cooperates, but this isn’t the week for that due to his finals).

This does carry over into blogging. Cooking apathy pretty directly translates, for me, into writing apathy. If I am not doing it, I don’t write about it. If I am not thinking about cooking, I don’t write about it. If I am not really that interested in particular food, I don’t write about it.

So this is me, pushing through. Cooking, and blogging, in the face of apathy.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?


6 responses to “A Week of “I Don’t Want To!”

  • iasmindecordoba

    Constantly. It happens constantly. And it’s these times when the planning ahead and freezing that third batch of empanadas really comes in handy. Fight the good fight, my friend. We’re in this together.

    • NoBusiness

      I am so glad it’s not just me. I get this wave of guilt every time this happens, because I’m supposed to love it so much. And, I do. I really do. But, some weeks I just don’t. It’s helpful, in a misery-loves-company kind of way, to know that a fellow foodie chef gets the cooking doldrums as well!

      We’re also in that weird phase where the last several weeks have been kind of awful in a variety of ways (nothing tragic, just stuff that means no extras), and so not much has gotten into the freezer. I’m working on it (in fact, that is part of what this week is supposed to be about), but, it has really made me appreciate that we’ve had the freezer stuff the last few weeks especially for lunches!

  • BB

    You are SO not alone in thise sense. I have posted MANY posts on Stretcher about what I call “kitchen burn out”… it happens to more people than you might think and is very common. I get it every few months and it lasts a couple of days until I get back into the groove. My “excuses” range from: I am high and dry on ideas, nothing sounds good, everything feels too repetative, no energy, lazy, unmotivated, do not want to clean up, tired, “you can cook for me for a change”… kitchen depression!

  • BB

    When this happens what do you do for meals? leave them up to Thadd? freezer pull? eat out more? bum friends and family at dinner time, lol? I bounce back quick after a few dinners of food that becomes even more non appealing than the idea of cooking. It outweighs it and pushes the motivation back. Those few meals don’t have to be junk and I prefer all meals healthy but they end up to be just really plain or boring, not the usual creative stuff. Doing inventory is also a pre boost for me. I get ideas. I miss my kitchen space and want back!

    • BB

      Sorry but my comments keep getting cut off and I can’t see while I’m typing, happens EVERY time. I also prep and pep myself by browsing recipes for new ideas for my home shop goods. Visuals REALLY knock me back into senses. We all deserve a break though and the show will always go on. You know what I think you two need? a cuddle party to Ratouielle the motivational mouse!

  • NoBusiness

    BB, usually I just suck it up and cook anyway. It’s kind of like working out: I never regret having done it. I try to remind myself of that.

    We do a variety of things when this happens, most of which you mention: pull from the freezer, ask Thadd to cook more, etc. Unfortunately, since this is his end-of-term, he has no time. So, that one’s out 🙂 I’ve also started more actively checking my favorite flood blogs, which can be inspiring, and taking another look at my cookbooks.

    I need to get more stuff in the freezer again. The last few weeks haven’t been great for my usual “cook extra for freezing” thing, so we’re a bit shy this round of kitchen fatigue.

    And, I smiled at the “food that becomes even more unappealing than cooking” comment. Right there with you!

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