On the Menu: May 6-12

This is the proposed menu plan for this week. I say proposed because I am fairly sure that, while all the meals will happen, they are very likely not to happen in the order we’ve planned. It’s a crazy week with many graduations, Thadd’s end of term, and preparation for a few other things. So, this is the loose idea:

Sunday: Seafood and almond casserole with fresh steamed asparagus. This happened as planned. The asparagus was delicious! There is just nothing like seasonal veggies.

Monday: Barbecue pork sandwiches with baked beans and spicy slaw. As always, Mondays are a late dinner. This was quick and filling.

Tuesday: Black bean and banana empanadas. We’re going to make a double or triple batch so some can be frozen for quick lunches, but it’s looking like it won’t get done today, after all. So this might be switched with tomorrow.

Wednesday: Carna asada tacos with fresh avocado and homemade salsa. 

Thursday: 3 Sisters Casserole. Based on Native American cuisine, this particular version of the casserole is a new recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Friday: Leftovers, as always, since Thadd leaves for work in the afternoon and doesn’t get home until sometime the following day.

Saturday: Thai Peanut noodles. Thadd’s first night to cook this week! We’re going to be wine tasting for most of the day, and this dish will go together quickly when we get home.


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