Recipe Review: Anda Masala

I stumbled across this recipe  on Viet World Kitchen the other day, and had much the same reaction the author did: “Well, duh, why didn’t I ever think of Indian cuisine using eggs as protein?” It sounded delicious, so I decided to put it on our menu this week.

Ready to serve!

I followed the recipe almost exactly, with the exception that I used ground cumin (which I toasted up before hand), and ground coriander (also toasted up beforehand) and I added peas and chickpeas to stretch the dish out so Thadd would have lunch for the next day.

The verdict: It was excellent, overall. I did double the spices, however, as there didn’t seem to be enough depth of flavor with the initial additions. This could be because, while I strive to keep fresh spices, it’s unlikely some of mine are as fresh as hers (if only because they sat on the shelf before I got them, as almost no one around here uses these spices). The author’s recipe is easy to use, too. We’ll definitely be making this again, as well as trying some of the other recipes on this site.

And now I am looking for both more North Indian recipes, and Indian recipes using egg as the protein. I have a great Ethopian recipe that uses egg as both a thickener and protein (Doro Wat), and I’d like to add to the egg-as-a-main-dish that isn’t breakfast repertoire with more International dishes like these


2 responses to “Recipe Review: Anda Masala

  • idiosyncratic eye

    I’ve seen quite a few vegetarian curry style dishes with boiled eggs in them, unfortunately I’m allergic. Also it’s a little bit misleading when they call eggs a cheap source of protein, they cost a bomb round here! 😉

    • NoBusiness

      Most of the time, legumes can be traded out for other protein sources; but, it’s worth noting that often the egg yolks are part of what thickens the sauce. You may want to add a bit of arrow root powder or corn starch if you leave the eggs out.

      For us, eggs are a pretty cheap source of protein, especially compared to meat. Though, not as cheap as beans; but, I like the CLAs and Omegas from the pastured eggs that you don’t get from legumes (and pastured meat, of course, but that is a more expensive option).

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