The Menu! April 29-May 5th

Sunday: Anda Masala (Northern Indian Egg Curry). I’ll be adding chickpeas and spinach to this. We’re going to be doing a lot of lacto-ovum vegetarian stuff over the next few weeks, and I’m trying out a bunch of new recipes. You’ll see many of them here, with photos and reviews.

Monday: White Bean & Lentil Pilaf. This has a lot more in it than cannellin beans and white lentils, including mushrooms, quinoa, and veggies.

Tuesday: Split pea and ham soup.  Crockpot day!

Wednesday: Fideua. A Spanish dish kind of like paella, but with fried noodles. We love this dish either vegetarian ( we just leave out the sausage if we do this–I can’t deal with faux-meat sausage), or use good quality sausage. It doesn’t take much meat, as the sausage isn’t intended to be the main focus of the dish. It’s just a flavoring (which is how most of the rest of the world eats meat!).

Thursday: Black bean and Sweet Potato Wet Burritos. A great dish because it makes lots of leftovers for the freezer!

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Thai Beluga Lentil Curry with Zucchini and Mushrooms. I’ve had these beluga lentils for quite a while. Somehow, they just keep getting looked over when making our menu. Not this week ,darnit!


3 responses to “The Menu! April 29-May 5th

  • BB

    Hi Super Shawn, happy new week ahead. How are you feeling now? I love the flower picture in the post below. Your menu planning this week sounds yummy, lots of hearty legume/bean dishes with exotic ethnic flair. I’m digging it. I was wondering, do you provide your clients with recipe cards so they can try to recreate your fabulous food at home on other occassions? How many steady clients do you have right now that you personal chef for?

    • NoBusiness

      BB, so far, better this week!

      I don’t provide my clients with my recipes (many of which are proprietary to my Personal Chef software or paid membership sites, so it would be illegal for me to share them); but, I almost never get asked. Generally, people hire me because they either don’t want to cook or can’t (either because they’ve never learned how and have no interest, or because they have something like a medical condition which prohibits them). I will give out some of my own recipes to clients, if asked, but it rarely comes up.

      I do, however, meal plan for people, and they get all the recipes. They’re all either mine or public domain recipes. And, I teach cooking classes where people also learn to make some of my recipes.

      Generally, I have between 2-5 clients, depending on the size of the client services (how much I can handle) and time of year. In the summer it’s typically 2-3 as many families are away a lot in the summer.

  • iasmindecordoba

    Shawn, the curry sounds fantastic. I wish The Big Guy liked yellow curry more. I almost never get to cook it.

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