Food Saving in Portions

Sweet potatoes are good keepers, so there’s often little point to canning or freezing them. This week, though, Thadd made a very special Sweet Potato Pie using roasted potatoes, and I am not one to waste oven space. So, I stuck 8 sweet potatoes into the oven.

Perfect Roasted Sweet Potatoes

-Wash and dry potatoes

-Pierce with a fork. Smaller potatoes 4-5 times, larger up to 9 times

-Brush with a light coat of olive oil.

-Please directly on wire rack in 400 degree oven for 45 minutes. (Note: put something such as foil on the tray below the potatoes to catch the drippings, or you’ll have all kinds of smoke).

-Turn off oven, allow to cool until you can easily handle the potatoes.

This yields some of the creamiest sweet potatoes ever, a great substitute for the charring method our friend Dave introduced us to (which we still do, but we weren’t using the grill for anything this time). In fact, I am going to use some of them to make gnocchi in the near future.

I packed the oven full of 8 potatoes because I don’t like turning on the oven and using that much energy for one thing. So, the rest of the potatoes that didn’t go into the pie were mashed, portioned into the one-cup blobs on a wax-papered cookie sheet you see above, and the sheet was put into our deep freeze. Once the blobs are frozen, they’ll go into Food Saver bags for later use in gnocchi, pie, or other things.

We do this saving-in-portions thing with a lot of foods. It makes it easier for us to cook, meaning we’ll stick to our meal plans more readily.  Just grab and go!


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