Easy Spring Vegetable Pasta

It’s Spring, and that means fresh veggies are starting to come in. There’s no real recipe for this, just bowties pasta tossed with good olive oil, grated Parmesan cheese, lemon zest and a splash of  lemon juice, fresh veggies (these were lightly sauteed), and some fresh-cut herbs. Cook the pasta per package instructions. While they’re cooking, put the fresh herbs (and, if you like, some salt and pepper) in a few tablespoons of oil. Drain pasta, toss with all remaining ingredients.

It’s a fast, healthy way to enjoy Spring!

7 responses to “Easy Spring Vegetable Pasta

  • BB

    I love simple pastas like this. I always use fresh asparagus for these simple ones. My trick though is to cook the asparagus in the boiling pasta water with the pasta. I add just enough water to not have to drain it so everything stays put as the pasta soaks up the water and becomes cooked! The asparagus adds a nice flavor to sink in… bring to a boil… toass in pasta and veg… reduce heat, cover and cook seven or so minutes. I then lightly wok it with some olive oil and toss with fresh herbs and sprinkle Italian cheeses!

    • BB

      Comment two since I got cut off again typing — Yours looks gorgeous. Tonight is vegetarian Italian theme, will post the spread on the dinner forum. There will be a truly lovely spread ahead! yipeee. Ps I have to crack up here, I will BB bust your chops if you tell me this pasta is not whole grain and basic no no carb but then can’t make a whole grain healing congee LOLLLL I am so pushing the congee stuff… want you all better soon! How are you feeling today dear?

      • shwankie

        BB, indeed this isn’t whole grain. But, it also isn’t for me, so I have a defense. This was for one of my clients who won’t eat whole grain pastas. When I make it for myself it tends to have far more vegetables and far less pasta, and it’s whole wheat or rice pasta (unless it’s homemade, in which case it’s semolina).

  • BB

    Ever try Lotus Foods organic whole grain rices? DELICIOUSNESS. My Mom use to demo/sell them!

    • BB

      Ah ha! You got me, for the client I see. They will love it. I know you are very much into whole grains as am I. I would love to make my own whole grain pastas and have not adventured on that yet. I hope you are feeling better today my dear friend. Thanks for all your fabulous shares!

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