What I Eat: April 23rd

Today started off with a food challenge: eating. At all. I am dealing with some medical stuff, and unfortunately it can make me pretty uninterested in food. Today had the additional badness of an upset stomach, so keeping it down was…interesting. But, I am still teaching fitness classes, as well as needing to keep my own fitness level up; so, I have to get in quality calories. It’s a dilemma I’ve not fully solved.

Breakfast: milk.

Snacks/beverages: ginger ale. banana. biscuit.

Lunch:  chicken and rice soup (from the freezer).

Dinner: Tuscan Red Bean soup.

Dessert: Peach pie.


8 responses to “What I Eat: April 23rd

  • BB

    Hi my friend. I am praying for a quick healing. Avocados have been a miracle food for me in the past during times of illness and caloric need. They are my super-duper-food. Maybe you might have some luck with them at this time?

    Another thing I would like to suggest is a healing batch of congee. I know you aren’t big on grains but this may be an exception. I have never made iw tihout rice

    • BB

      Sorry the formatting got all cut off and I couldn’t see what I was typing. I have never made it without rice as the main ingredient – since that’w as congee is = rice gruel – but you CAN use any whole grain rice. You can then adjust all other ingredients to suit your healing needs, the more simple the better. Do you have experience with congee?

  • shwankie

    Thank you, BB! I love avocados, and hadn’t even thought about them as a source of healthy fats and calories.

    I’ve made congee in my slow cooker as a breakfast food, though it was some time ago (I’ve always liked it made with green tea, btw, if you haven’t tried it that way yet). Generally, as you mention, I’ve been shying away from the grains; but, at the moment, I am eating more simply carbs just because that’s what my body seems willing to process. My bigger problem is getting in enough protein and fat. I’m not losing weight, which I suppose is good, because of the diet change (my body holds onto carbs for dear life).

  • BB

    Your super foods right now would then be avocados and raw organic shelled hemp seeds. They are both okay on the digestion and the hemp will bump up your protein and healthy fats. You can make avocado hemp smoothies for a power and protein packed drink that isn’t hard to digest. Make it with coconut water for electrolyte help, especially during illness. You will need: coconut water, a ripe avocado, 1/4 cup raw hemp seeds and some raw local honey for taste and tummy mending.

    • shwankie

      Thanks, BB! Unfortunately, there is no getting raw seeds of any kind other than pumpkin or sunflower around here easily, and definitely no hemp seeds (I think I’ve mentioned before that our shopping around here is more than a little limited). I eat pumpkin seeds and walnuts or almonds most days as a snack, and I do need to go get some avocado.If I can make it to “The Big City” in the near future, I need to restock on my raw nuts and a bunch of other stuff. I’ll make sure to pick up some hemp seeds! I’m doing the local honey (it’s great for allergies this time of year, too!), and I drink coconut water and vinegar water for electrolytes most of the time because I sweat so much when I teach.

  • BB

    As for grains, a good grain does good to the body. A congee during time of illness may be a great exception for grains. A wild rice or brown Jasmine or bastami whole grain with chicken bone broth and bits of meat and a few specialized herbs will do you very well right now if sick. Cook as long as possible and really leech the nutrients out of those bones. I don’t know what you are dealing with to suggestion herbal additions but know you are into natural healing as well. I tell you the truth, congeee can be one of the most healing things and even the grain resistent folks over here have healed when I make it.

    • BB

      I keep typing and then the sign in box covers what I’m writing so I can’t see and have to send multiple comments, very annoying lol sorry for all the comments at once. I strongly suggest a fresh batch of low and slow – longggg cooked congee with a nice whole grain, chicken bones/meat and a few simple healers. The perfect concoted and cooked congee = perfect healer but has to be done right and we know not all grains arecreated equal so stick to a nice natural whole grain for your base… ps cant see what I am typing again and wanted to add I am making my own Tuscan kidney bean soup tonight in honor or your recent soup menu plan, sounded too good!!!

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