What I Eat: April 12

Breakfast: eggs with nutritional yeast. Jalepeno-cheddar bread (yep, this breaks my no-simple-carbs-at-breakfast rule–treats can happen sometimes). Green tea with local honey (it’s been a horrific year for allergies, ugh).

Snacks: Kefir & mango smoothie. Almonds. Cheddar cheese.

Lunch: lactofermented ginger lemonade, sorrel soup.

Dinner: pork medallions with roasted spaghetti squash and lima beans. Dessert was Peach Stumble, which I totally made up. It’s a cross between a crumble, grunt, and cobbler (read: I threw some stuff in a pan) with last year’s frozen local peaches, oatmeal, a bit of cream, cinnamon, and a small hint of brown sugar. It turned out great!


2 responses to “What I Eat: April 12

  • BB

    Please enlighten me on your sorrel soup. I have tried a million ways to use my abundant ongoing crops and have had NO luck. MAJOR sour asdness.

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