Eat Well!

A handy list of my services for you to review, and send to all your friends who are looking to make big (or small) changes in their lives!


This is an in-home or delivery (limited) service that leaves you with fully-prepared meals for reheating. There are a variety of options and I am always happy to work with clients to customize to their needs.  Generally, options are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. As a reference point, weekly services for a family of 4 start at $220, including groceries and monthly services of 8 supplemental meals for 3 starts at $280.


If you love to cook but don’t like to hunt for recipes, or if you just don’t like to shop, I can do one or both for you!  You can receive customized meal plans, with recipes and a grocery list, that fit your lifestyle. Or, let me do the shopping for you, either for my meal plan or yours (limited service area).


Batch cooking, specialty meals, ingredient storage and preparation, recipe reading, and other kitchen skills can help you eat well and save money. I teach classes ranging from the basics of cooking to meal planning, from budgeting to special event dinners, from local food sourcing and preparation to International cuisines. For groups or individuals.


Are you concerned that you aren’t getting the nutrition you and your family needs for optimal health, or that there may be too many processed items or undesirable chemicals in your food? Do you have a medical condition that could benefit from dietary changes? I work with you to evaluate your dietary needs, and how to meet those goals. Whether it’s small tweaks for athletic training or large changes for weight loss, lifestyle changes, or medical conditions, diet can play a large role in your success.

For more information, just use the handy “Contact me” form on the right side of this page!


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