On the Menu: April 1-7th Edition

I don’t usually write on Sundays, and you won’t see this until tomorrow, but I had a few minutes and thought it would be a nice excuse to sit down. What a crazy, beautiful weekend! Wine tasting with friends yesterday, then today spent in the garden, making yogurt and chicken stock, and doing some spring cleaning. I’m whipped. I’m going to enjoy an apple, some amazing Herbs de Provence Chevre from Spring Mill Farm, some bread from Lorraine bakery, and a nice glass of wine from whichever local vineyard Thadd pulls out of the cupboard.

But first, I thought I’d share our menu for the week.


Sunday (tonight): Sweet potato and black bean burritos. Local sweet potatoes with homemade re-fried black beans in a tortilla, topped with salsa and cheese. This dish is a favorite here.

Monday: Chicken curry with spinach and fenugreek, over brown basmati rice. Remember when I said I’d be trying new recipes? Well, this is one. I’ll be blogging it later this week.

Tuesday: Grilled butterflied chicken with roasted beets and potatoes, and sorrel soup. Thadd and I will be sharing the cooking, which is a bit unusual–typically Tuesdays are his night to cook; but, this change may be permanent since our schedules have both changed a bit this month. The chicken carcass will make stock for one of our soups next week, the roasted beets and potatoes are local, and the sorrel is from the garden. It’s lemony taste should make for a great soup that you’ll see here either late this week or early next.

Wednesday: Mushroom, pork, and vegetable kebabs. Spring is the time for local pork, and we’re going to grill these on Tuesday with the chicken (charcoal is expensive, so we don’t waste grill time).

Thursday: Tofu Thai peanut noodles. Thadd’s night to cook, and he’s in the mood for Thai.

Friday: Leftovers.

Saturday: Cannellini au Gratin, with fresh salad and bread. 

As I’ve said before, we love cannellini beans, and this is one of our all-time favorite ways to cook them (in fact, it’s just one of our favorite recipes, period). It’s hearty, filling, inexpensive, and very sophisticated. And goes great with either red or white wine (or, compromise, and get a dry rose’!).

What are you eating this week?


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