What I Eat: March 13th

I have to say that arriving home from a rather tumultuous vacation to find it’s a stunning 77 degrees and sunny outside has been pretty darn great. There are flowers everywhere in our yard, the spring greens in the garden that over-wintered are flourishing, and I’ve got the house open.

Given that we both had to return to work so quickly after our arrival home, we’re still working on getting groceries back in the house. Our friends did pick up our raw milk, and my kefir fermented nicely in the refrigerator, so we at least came home to great dairy products. I did some limited grocery shopping, and thankfully we have a pantry, so it hasn’t been too much of a challenge to come up with foods until I get the rest of the shopping done later this week.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with nutritional yeast, and a pile of veggies. Oh, and toast. Yes, toast. I know I am generally staying away from grains for breakfast, but we brought home Zingerman’s bread. If you’ve had this bread, you know that it’s not really an option to just let it sit there when it could be eaten with butter (or, heck, even plain).  Thank goodness I don’t live closer to the bakery.

Snack: Grapes.

Lunch: Kefir-banana-almond butter shake.

Dinner: Sausage and lima bean casserole. This is better than it sounds, I promise.


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