Hiatus, Vacation…Whatever

We’re headed off into the great blue yonder.Okay, not really, we’re headed back to MI to see family. The good news is, we have people who love my cats house-sitting.The bad news is, I still freak out something is going to go wrong. Yeah, I am high-strung.

I realize none of that is particularly relevant to you, of course, but what is relevant is that there will be no updates until sometime the week of March 12th. I won’t be available by email (serious lack of internet), but clients and friends are welcome to call if they need anything. All service inquiries will be answered as soon as possible upon my return.

For those of you in VA, think of me. It’s cold up there, and you guys get to stay here and watch things bloom. At least I finally get to wear my big sweaters this year (I’m looking for that silver lining, darnint).


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