What I Eat–And Why, Feb. 20th

Today I’m going to do what I eat, as well as the “why” behind my decision to eat it. Everything we eat is a decision. Sometimes, I eat something just because it’s yummy and I love food, sometimes I eat it because I need something specific nutritionally, sometimes I choose not to eat something because I know it’s not great for me. Choices are important, and we make food choices all day every day.


Farm fresh eggs with sautee’d kale, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, and nutritional yeast. WHY: I am still staying away from grains for breakfast except on weekends with Thadd, so eggs are a good choice. Mine are farm-fresh and pastured, so they have about a third less cholesterol and a quarter less saturated fat than store-bought, as well as a lot more Vitamin D, E, Omega fatty acids, and beta carotene. Eggs are also one of the most bio-available proteins, so are a good way to start the morning. The veggies add fiber, flavor, and a lot of other phytonutrients, as well. The nutritional yeast is for flavor and b vitamins.

Snacks: banana. Almond milk-banana-peanut butter shake.


(Excuse the bad picture, I was having camera issues.) Raw milk kefir.  Homemade ciabatta, turkey, and organic greens sandwich. Carrot and celery sticks.  The kefir is full of pro-biotics from the fermentation, as well as vitamin D, CLA, Omegas, and all the other great things from pastured milk. Thadd made homemade ciabatta last night, and I couldn’t just let it set there. It’s so yummy, with no preservatives; but, it’s still simple carbs. So, I made the decision to eat a half a bun instead of a whole one, filling it with low-preservative turkey and organic greens. The celery and carrots provided more fiber.

Dinner: Sauerkraut, smoked sausage, roasted potatoes. This is a late night for both Thadd and me, with both of us unable to eat dinner until almost 9PM, so it’s got to be something fast. We don’t use a ton of sausage in this, just enough for flavor. This batch of sauerkraut isn’t homemade, unfortunately. I need to make some more.


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