Uninspired Inspiration: Trip Food Planning.

Anyone who’s been following here for more than a year will probably know that I am not a fan of cold or snow. Unfortunately, it’s both cold and snowing outside right now, and I find myself mostly just wanting comfort food and hot cocoa (preferably with some Kahlua in it). I’m not really inspired to do much in the way of anything that doesn’t involve a big comforter and my cats.

This isn’t good.

While I realize I need some relaxation, and while I also realize I am terrible at it and that sometimes it’s okay to just sit around, doing it for an entire two days while eating continuously just isn’t a recipe for meeting my overall health and wellness goals. Since I tell my fitness students all the time that the less you feel like working out the more you probably need to do it, I kinda felt like I couldn’t just sit on my butt all day without being something of a hypocrite. The good news is that Sundays actually are my day off of working out hard, and I did my regular stretching. The bad news is that, given the weather, leaving the house wasn’t going to happen.

I struck on the idea of planning out our cooler food for our trip to see our family in a few weeks. We try not to eat on the road because it’s expensive and bad for you, but I hadn’t really given much thought to it yet, either. A perfect task for an otherwise lazy day! Here’s what I came up with, and why.


Homemade hummus and veggies. Carrots, broccoli, and caulflower are easy to pack, keep well, and are easy car munchies that give a lot of nutritional punch for very little cash. I’ll make hummus, which is super easy to do.

Raw milk cheese. I can’t tell you how excited I am that one of my local stores is carrying raw milk, super-sharp cheddar.

Apples and Bananas. Local apples are still really easy to find this time of year. The bananas will depend on if I can get organics. Our local stores have been appallingly bad about keeping anything organic in stock these last few months.

GORP. My version will include dried cherries, raisins, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and probably walnuts.

Hard-boiled eggs. Thadd doesn’t like these, but I love them.

Popcorn. I like crunchy munchies on the road, so I am doing some popcorn with olive oil and nutritional yeast. The b vitamins will help give us energy for the drive, too.


Homemade sandwiches. Neither of us can stand pre-made sandwiches, so we’ll take the stuff along to make them when we stop to gas up. PB&J is always a favorite for Thadd, but we’ll also do tuna salad and some high-quality lunch meats and cheeses. All homemade breads, of course.

Black Bean and Banana Empanadas. These are great hand foods, and most gas stations now have microwaves so you can heat things up. The whole wheat crust is fabulous.

Spring Rolls. Rice paper wrapped around salad, essentially. It’s an easier way to eat salad on the road, and I’ll make a nice almonds dipping sauce.


Raw milk. We’ll have a milk delivery from our herd share the day we leave. No point in letting it go to waste.

Coffee. We’ll take a thermos of our own. I know coffee is controversial, but I’m just not making a 14 hour drive each direction without it.

Dark Chocolate. If I get a sweet craving on the road, I’d rather have a square of this than break down and buy a Snicker’s bar.

On the way back, we’ll probably be stuck with just the coffee and sandwiches, unfortunately, as we won’t really have a lot of time or access to make special foods for the way home.


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