What I Eat: February 8th, 2012

My day started off with a Food Challenge: No appetite.

When I get really stressed out, depressed, injured, or just about anything that puts serious stress on my adrenal glands, I lose my appetite. Now, this may seem like a great thing for those who want to lose weight, but it’s just not healthy. And, given that I have to teach a high-intensity class today (not to mention that I just need energy to keep going), it’s not ideal. It’s also self-perpetuating: I don’t eat because I am stressed, my blood sugar drops, I get more stressed/upset/depressed, so I want to eat less, etc.  This is actually a common thing in my family, and seemingly a physical reaction. I go so far as to get physically ill, which sounds like a total drama queen thing; but, it’s what happens. So, I try to address it by eating really nutritious foods with plenty of calories-per-ounce. Since I don’t care if I’m eating, it usually means I also don’t care what I am eating, and this tactic seems to generally work enough to get me through.

Breakfast: Jasmine green tea and a glass of raw milk (unskimmed).

Snacks: banana, raw milk cheese.

Lunch: homemade cream of tomato soup with croutons

Dinner: Chicken makhani w/greens & jasmine rice.

Other: water, as much as I could stomach. 2 real fruit pops.


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