“Winning” the “War on Raw Milk”

We need to focus here, people. I don’t actually care what your personal beliefs are in terms of the health benefits of raw milk, or the health risks of pasteurized. I don’t care what religion you are, or if you think you’re child’s teeth will be better, or if you believe it cures various diseases. You know why? Because in the fight to legalize this food product, those things simply don’t matter. They’re diversions, they’re sensationalist, and they’re hurting our chances of winning.

What!? That’s outrageous!

No, it’s not. It’s a fact. Regulators don’t give a damn about nutritional value. If they did Mountain Dew(TM) and PopRocks(TM) wouldn’t be legal.  Consumables are not regulated because they are more or less nutritionally valuable than something else. Or, if they’re nutritionally valuable at all. They are regulated on safety for consumption.

When people start talking about anything as “miraculous,” whether it is or not, people stop listening. Me included, actually. Sensationalism makes people supporting the cause look uneducated, uninformed, superstitious, and generally a bit crazy, even if they’re not. This is not a recipe for winning over your Congressman, folks.  And, even if there are studies backing your beliefs, we’re back to the first point: no one cares.

Great, So What’s Left?

Reality. Stop debating on points that don’t matter, and start debating points that do.

1. Scientific facts. The government’s own data shows raw milk is quite safe by any standard used. Foods are not banned unless they are demonstrated to have a certain degree of risk, which raw milk demonstrably does not have.

2. Regulation and disease testing is already possible and economically viable, and done quiet effectively in countries like Europe.

3. The very real dangers that were present when raw milk was first banned no longer exist or are easily managed by testing and regulation, therefore the ban no longer needs to exist.

4.  Other foods, shown to have far greater health risks to the public are legal and widely available.

Leave it at at that.

We do not, and should not, argue about health benefits or nutrition. Adding noise to this argument takes away from the easily understandable, provable, reasonable points. It makes it easy to dismiss us as a “radical” faction of foodies who just don’t understand what we’re talking about. It diffuses the point, which is that there’s no reason it should be illegal instead of simply well-regulated.

Stop wasting energy on things that are beside the point. Focus. Remove your personal feelings, and stick to the facts. We can’t fight Corporate Ag with money, so we need to fight them with reason and clarity.

One response to ““Winning” the “War on Raw Milk”

  • Stacie

    I live in a state where selling raw milk is illegal. I’ve always wondered why, considering modern refrigeration methods and safety standards. However, we live near the border of another state where I can buy raw milk “for pet consumption.” Hmmmm… I wonder how strictly enforced that rule is?

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