On the Menu, Feb. 4th-11th

It’s like spring is here, though it’s only the first week of February. With this kind of weather, I feel like we should already have seeds in the ground. Of course, the moment we did that, it would snow, blow, and bluster. Yes, I admit it, I am a cynic!


Sunday: Roasted chicken and squash, with cauliflower. I love squash.

Monday: White Lasagna. I make this meatless, though many people use chicken. It’s rich, which is good for Thadd, and I just eat less of it and side i with salad. Lots of leftovers mean hearty lunches, too.

Tuesday: Slow-cooked brisket, with whipped potatoes and seared beans. Thadd’s night to cook, and he’ll be making the last grass-fed brisket in the slow cooker.

Wednesday: Chicken makhani with greens, over brown rice. One of our favorite slow cooker recipes, this Indian chicken dish is authentic and flavorful. I’ve got a friend coming over for dinner, so hopefully she enjoys it!

Thursday: Hoisin tofu over Rice, with broccoli. Thadd’s second night to cook this week, and he’s making Twin Oaks tofu. I’m careful with my soy, because I can have very little and it can’t be processed in certain ways, and Twin Oaks is about the only tofu I really eat.

Friday: Sweet potato and bean chili  with cornbread.

Saturday: Leftovers. We’ll need to clean out the refrigerator.

Sunday: Black bean & banana empanadas. We’ll do a double batch of these to freeze.

Lunches: Leftovers. Breakfasts: I am still working on minimizing grains in my diet, so we’re doing a lot of yogurt, eggs, and fruit. Snacks are almonds, cheese, fruit, raw veggies.

What are you eating this week?


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