What I Eat: Jan. 24th

Breakfast: scrambled eggs & red pepper, half glass milk.

Water. Still lots and lots of water. Hopefully, since it’s warmer today, the heat won’t be on as much and I’ll have a chance to finally rehydrate. I swear our house is that Sahara, no matter how much humidity I try to put back into the air with humidifiers, etc.

Lunch: chili and almond milk.

Snack: fries. See, this is what happens when I don’t plan well and don’t grocery shop on schedule. This isn’t a good food option, and I know that. We all have those days, and as long as they’re few and far between, they’re fine. See the food challenge.

Dinner: Catfish, wild rice, cauliflower.

Food challenge: no snacks in the house. I need to hit the grocery store pretty badly.


One response to “What I Eat: Jan. 24th

  • Stacie

    I didn’t plan for Sunday supper last week. I am pretty good at planning Sunday lunch, but my spoiled family doesn’t like to eat the same meal twice in a day. So we hit the BK drive-thru, knowing it was going to make us feel bad. Feeling bad was an understatement! That was a lesson in meal-planning I won’t soon forget!

    Even slapping some tuna sandwiches together would have been better than paying almost $30 for the junk-food drive thru, in my opinion. I am trying to remember to keep some quickie food in the pantry that I can use to throw together a semi-decent meal in emergencies.

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