What I Eat, Series Launch

In the time I’ve been writing here, consulting with and cooking for clients, talking fitness nutrition at various gyms, and just interacting with people, it’s come to my attention that a lot of people haven’t ever really been exposed to what a “normal” food lifestyle really looks like. They see fad diet meal plans, or “dinner” on Food Network. They have no idea what a real, healthy person eats on a daily basis, and how it fits into overall life.

So, I am starting a new series: “What I Eat.” It won’t be every day, but it will be often. It’ll be short, there will be no recipes, but hopefully it will give readers an idea of what a day in my food-life looks like. Somedays there’ll be photos, some days it’ll just be me writing on the fly. Through this, I hope readers can get a better understanding of how cooking works, how food planning works, how it falls apart (and yes, it falls apart for us, too, sometimes), and how real food can fit into real life. On days I have challenges with food, I’ll try to note that, too, and how I dealt (or didn’t deal) with it.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this, and if it’s helpful for you.

Jan 10:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, banana, glass of raw milk.

Snack: almond milk and peanut butter shake (using my Magic Bullet blender. God I love this thing).

Lunch: leftover roasted squash soup, grapes, hard boiled egg.

Random snacks: roasted almonds, a few slices of aged gouda, a grapefruit (I have no idea why, but since I’ve discovered I now like them, I can’t stop eating them), a glass of raw milk, lots of water (I have no idea how much),

Dinner: Salisbury steak w/lots of mushrooms, whipped potatoes with cream cheese and milk, roasted broccoli.

FOOD CHALLENGE: I am trying very hard to eat less grain, but today all I really wanted was a huge slab of Thadd’s homemade wheat bread. I didn’t do it, but it was difficult.


2 responses to “What I Eat, Series Launch

  • Joseph Kouyoumjian

    “Snack: almond milk and peanut butter shake (using my Magic Bullet blender. God I love this thing).”

    Wow! That sounds good. Can you share the recipe?

    • shwankie

      Joseph, there’s no real recipe, exactly. I just fill one of my large magic bullet cups about 1/2 with almond milk, add a few tablespoons of natural, fresh-ground peanut butter (other nut butters work just as well), a half teaspoon on local honey, and enough ice to finish filling the glass. If I am doing it right before a workout, I’ll also add a raw egg (pasteurized at home by boiling for 30 seconds in-shell). Blend until smooth. It’s yummy, high-protein, and very quick. The variations are also pretty endless: you can add bittersweet cocoa powder, chai tea, yogurt or milk, etc.


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