On the Menu: Jan 7-13th

The cookies, cakes, pies, and whatever else made it’s way onto my plate this past holiday season is all gone now. If you’ve been reading me for more than a little while, you’ve probably read a mention or two of how easily it is for me to become sugar addicted. It doesn’t take me long to break it anymore (typically about 3-4 days), and once I do I go totally off any interest in sugar for quite a while (which is good). So, you won’t see much in the way of sweets here (not, I suppose, that you ever really do except during holidays).

I’m also kicking my training up a notch, so you’ll see a bit more protein here than you sometimes do. My body isn’t a high-protein machine for whatever reason. In the past, its tended to make me feel pretty icky to up my protein intake as much as is recommended, no matter what form the protein took. I’m going to try some new things this time, to see if I can work in more protein and good fats, and less grains. I’ll still be eating my veggies, but I’m going to try to really ratchet down the grains (yes, even whole grains), and try to rely on mostly veggies for my carbohydrates. I’m not going paleo–Thadd bakes for a living, if nothing else–but, I think it’s worth a shot again. This time, I’m going to try more bio-available protein like egg whites, instead of increasing my dairy. Hopefully that, in conjunction with lots of vegetable fiber, will help my body process better.

So, here it is! The first On the Menu of 2012!


Sunday: Chicken Makhani, with spinach and brown rice. I’ll be eating very little of the rice, which is fine, since I love the chicken!

Monday: Catfish with cauliflower augratin.

Tuesday: Salisbury Steak, with whipped potatoes and broccoli. Lots of mushrooms make this one of my favorites dishes.

Wednesday: Tuscan white bean soup with kale. A great crockpot meal that also happens to be some of the best soup I’ve ever made. It’s hearty, healthy, and can be vegetarian or vegan.

Thursday: Ethiopian. Yep, this will have the concession of bread. We don’t do Ethiopian often. It’s time-consuming. But, it’s completely worth it. We’ll be having Doro Wat for sure, one of the lentil dishes, a potato dish, and a greens dish. And, of course, the yummy flatbread, injera.

Friday. Balsamic roasted chicken, with apple-and-onion hash and a vegetable.

LUNCHES: Egg and almond milk shakes for after workouts, leftovers.

BREAKFASTS: Scrambled eggs & egg cups, omelets, yogurt w/fruit and local honey.

SNACKS: fruit, cheese, cottage cheese, carrots & homemade dip,


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