Harvest Feast, Post 1: Rolling Along

These are the last rolls put together for a large event by Renaissance Cuisine’s Resident Baker, Thadd.  I was hoping to get gorgeous pictures of hot-from-the-oven ciabatta rolls that folks will be eating on Saturday, but that’s just not gonna happen for a variety of reasons (like, I’m not around for the baking part, mostly). But, you get the idea.

The tip for these rolls is patience. Which is why I am not the one making them. (I don’t bake, I cook. There are reasons for this, mostly that I suck at baking). Though, for the first time ever, Thadd let me help with the baking this time out.  I got to cut parchment squares, which will be integral in the baking of these rolls!

The rest of tonight is more planning, orgnanizing, and washing dishes, but tomorrow begins the Real Cooking. I’ll be beginning the assembly of the soft cheese tortes, among other things!

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