Getting Creative with the Cold

The bad news is that the half bath in our house isn’t insulated–at all. The good news is that instead of a bathroom, in winter we have cold storage.  Since we live in a rental, there’s no insulating this better, and so we just close it off in winter. We have to open it for a short while each day to keep it from actually freezing the pipes, because there’s no way to shut off the water to just that room. When we had roommates, we needed the second toilet, but now, for 3 or so months a year, it’s far more functional to use it to store food.

It’s gotten cold enough now for us to start stocking up, and here’s what we’re looking to put into the water closet this year:

-1 bushel assorted hard winter squashes

-half bushel beets

-half bushel cabbages

-1 bushel assorted apples

-Radishes (however many we get from the garden)

-Turnips (same as the radishes)

That’s about all that will fit, really. It’s a small room. We wish we had more space (okay, really we just wish we had a root cellar, but that’s not happening), but we try to work with what we’ve got.  Yay for old houses, eh?


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