On the Menu Oct. 30-Nov. 7th Edition

Straight to the point this week:


Sunday: Beef stew over noodles. I make a spectacular beef stew, and it’s the season. While it was all made in separate batches, all my clients got beef stew this week, too. It was just that kind of week–cold, blustery, and perfect for a deep, hearty stew.

Monday: We at dinner at a friend’s for Halloween.

Tuesday: Stuffed Cannelloni. Meatless, full of yummy veggies and topped with homemade sauce, these probably hit the spot. I didn’t get to eat any for various reasons, so they’ll be lunch today.

Wednesday:  Pulled Chicken with roasted broccoli. This is a going-away of sorts for our current tenant, who’s returning to Germany on Saturday.

Thursday: Saag. Don’t ask me why, but Thadd’s been trying to make this for 3 weeks and it hasn’t happened yet. Cross your fingers for this week!

Friday: Leftovers.  Time to clean out the refrigerator.

Saturday: Pot roast. We’re using up the last of our grass-fed beef to make room in the freezer for more. Since we’ll be at the Vintage Virginia Fest, it’ll be nice to come home to a slow-cooked roast and veggies!

Sunday: Sweet and sour lentil soup. This will carry us into next week, so Thadd has some leftover for lunch.

What are you making to keep you warm and cozy this week?

One response to “On the Menu Oct. 30-Nov. 7th Edition

  • Stacie

    I recently “discovered” a Southern dish called Hoppin’ John. It’s hearty and frugal. I added collard greens to make it a one-pot meal. Yummy, warming, and super-cheap. We just finished it off, and the recipe will be going into my rotation.

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