Fall-ing Behind

I really dislike the whole dark-by-5PM thing that happens in winter. It just messes with my internal clock. Generally, I get into my PJs, all ready to go to bed, and realize it’s like 7 o’clock. At least this year we’ll have garden-fresh greens and roots to brighten our plates, so to speak. In that vein, Charlotte packed up her bags and left us a few weeks ago.Right about that time, though, we had a new visitor. I found her sitting on top of our trash can:

She sat there, posing for me, following me with her eyes:

Now, I’m no entomologist, but to me it looks like those are pupils. Staring at me. It was weird, but also very beautiful. And, of course, these creatures are welcome in my yard anytime, and I’m really hoping she laid eggs somewhere close to the garden. I was actually considering buying eggs, so this could save me some money!

And, hopefully, she ate a few crickets while she was here, because we’re still seeing them and I’d like my leafy greens to stay leafy:

Not the best picture in the world, but you get the idea. This was a few weeks ago, and I really need to get out there while the weather is good and get a few more pictures now that the plants are much bigger. But, this is the basic gist. Fall gardening in VA is incredibly easy, yet I see so few people bother, even those that garden with zeal in the summer months. I think it actually takes less work in the fall, since there are fewer pests, but then again, we like a lot of the fall and winter crops that many Americans don’t seem inclined to eat anymore: beets, turnips, radishes, kale. We did have to cover out plants up last night to protect them from frost, which made me sad. I’m just not a winter kinda girl in anything other than veggies!

Is anyone else out there gardening?

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