On the Menu: A Seasonal Busy

Does life ever get less busy? No, not really. The type of busy just changes. This past week, we got the summer garden all cleaned up, this weekend we got the early and mid-season tomatoes pulled out, and this coming week I’ll be planting some more seeds for greens. There’ll be a garden update post soon, including a new garden critter. In theory, there’ll be pictures, but in reality that’s going to depend on if I can find my camera cable (yes, I lost it again. No, I have no idea how I keep doing this).

Charlotte has, seemingly, moved on. She took her web down and moved out the night after we pulled the tomatoes up, and I suspect there just wasn’t enough cover for her. This makes me sad, but I am hoping she’ll return next year to take up guarding my tomatoes from aphids and grasshoppers.

Between all this outside prep, my cat having major surgery which went less-than-ideally, and all of life’s other nuttiness, life’s stayed busy. I realize this is what life is like for us almost always, it’s just a different season and so we’re busy with different things. And, as our business changes with the season, so does our menu. You’ll see more baked foods, more winter root vegetables, and lots of soups. In a few weeks, kale, beets, turnips, and other winter fare will make it’s way into the rotation as the winter garden comes ready.


Sunday: Cannelini au Gratin, with Roasted Olive and Grapes. This got pushed off from Saturday (we made homemade pizza and watched Star Trek: TNG instead. Hey, we’ll do whatever we want with our weekly date nights, even if it is completely dorky!).  The grapes and olives are roasted with fresh rosemary from the garden and balsamic vinegar, and pair beautifully with the main course.

Monday: Vegetarian Lasagna. To save on energy and time, this was baked along with Sunday’s dinner. This is my special recipe, and the veggies this time will include spinach, red onions, and peppers.

Tuesday: Split pea and Ham soup. Thadd forgot to make this last week, so it’s getting made this week.

Weds: Tofu Stirfry. Twin Oaks tofu with eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, and green beans over brown basmati rice.

Thursday: Tacos. I’m not sure why, we just really wanted these this week. We’ll mix our grass-fed beef with black beans to stretch it, and use our fresh salsa from the last of the tomatoes and hot peppers from the garden.

Friday: Leftovers. We’ll need to clean out the refrigerator!

Saturday: Rustic cabbage soup and homemade bread. This version of cabbage soup has white beans, potatoes, and lots of cabbage in homemade stock. We’ll be using up the turkey stock on this. We love this soup, it’s incredibly warming and hardy.


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