On the Menu, Sept. 19th Edition

Things are quieter now, and hopefully this week’s meal plan sticks!


Sunday: BLTs. The last vine-ripened tomatoes of the season are coming out of the garden, and we’re making the most of them on homemade bread with organic greens and nitrate free bacon. Just incredibly yummy! The rest of the tomatoes will start getting pulled later this week, as will the remainder of my (huge) basil plants. Look for a post on the cleaning up of the summer garden and the start of the fall one in the next few days!

Monday: Doro Wat stew.   Ethiopian the easy way, in a slow cooker.

Tuesday: Salisbury Steak with whipped potatoes and cabbage. Thadd’s turn to make dinner, since I work late. This will make great leftovers for his lunch.

Wednesday: Split pea soup. The second day of the week that Thadd cooks, and he has a really busy day; so, it’s an easy slow-cooker meal.

Thursday: Stuffed Green Peppers. These will be a bit less than traditional, with ground beef,  lentils, black beans, and brown rice, with loads of spices and topped with tomatoes.

Friday:  Curried lentil & sweet potato packets. These really capture the flavors of fall, are easy to make, healthy, and really hearty.

Saturday: Cannellini au Gratin, with roasted olives & grapes, with bruschetta. One of my all-time favorite Vegetarian Times recipes, though I change it up a bit (I know, what a surprise). I add butternut or acorn squash, and usually use homemade chicken stock.

What are you eating this week?


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