Where Charlotte Came From: A Tale of Aphids and Silk

I am conflicted. I know she’s good for the garden: she eats aphids and grasshoppers, two of my biggest tomato-eating culprits. She’s probably the reason I haven’t had much of an infestation this year at all, instead having lovely, ripe, heirloom tomatoes. She was in a kid’s book, for heaven’s sake. And, she’s not poisonous. Well, at least not to me. But, really, can you blame me for being a bit icked out:

For comparison:

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, she’s called a Black and Yellow Agriope, otherwise known as the Writer Spider. She is, one presumes, the spider on which the famous Charlotte was modeled.

You can see the “writing” in this web, which I found the next morning.

I left her alone (obviously, since I was too scared to anywhere near her, anyway), but am hoping she crawls back out-of-sight under a plant leaf somewhere, so I can pretend my garden is bug-free because I am just that good a gardener. Until then, Thadd’s going to have to harvest the rest of the…well, everything.


6 responses to “Where Charlotte Came From: A Tale of Aphids and Silk

  • Tad

    Holy Socks! Now Kate will NEVER garden!

  • BargainBinge

    Wow, that is so beautiful dear. Thank you for sharing. Glory to God for ALL of His beautiful creations.

    1. I will go check in on previous posts for responses to my last comments. I’m a bit late!

    2. A special shout out to you on the dinner forum. Today I bought 2 more kinds of goat cheese. This is becoming an adventure. Tonight I opened the local aged cheddar goat cheese with butter crackers and it’s divine. I really love this one, far less gamey and tangy. No puckering of the face over here, just pure smiles. I love this aged cheddar kind!

    3. You are special! What’s on the menu this week? Happy Mo

  • BargainBinge

    Ps. here’s the link to the brand/product I was referring to above… this goat cheese got demolished over here tonight. It honestly tore the roof off the house lol

    On the cheese scale, 1-10 with 1 = worst and 10 = best I would score it a 7 and that’s a very good score in my book.

    10 = I absolutely live for it
    9 = I even dream of it
    8 = DEVOURED it
    7 = Binge worthy
    6 = Would so buy again
    5 = Mid grade, yum but not the best on earth
    4 = I am having regrets
    3 = Are you kidding me?
    2 = WHAT A WASTE!
    1 = Gross out city, never again thank you!!!


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  • shanegenziuk

    I need to get me some like those, thanks for the great post (and linking to my site)!

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