Elegant Simplicity: A Sunday Morning Recipe.

Sunday mornings we try to take a little time for ourselves. With our schedules, it’s often easy to completely miss each other during the week, and so Sundays have become kind of a “sacred” time that we rarely violate for anything. We make good coffee (yes, I drink coffee once in a while), put on our favorite podcasts, and cook a leisurely breakfast.

Breakfast isn’t always complicated, though. It’s often more about what ingredients, not how many. Last Sunday, I threw this easy baked eggs together:

Above: I chopped freshly picked basil, heirloom tomatoes, red pepper, and red onion. Below: I put down a layer of bread in one of my cast iron pans, then sprinkled with basil and pepper. As a note, if I’d been thinking about it, I’d have used bread crumbs or made the bread into croutons first. It turned out great, but I think these options would have made it even better. Next, I cracked the eggs onto the bread, then filled in the spaces with the rest of the veggies:

I shredded some cheese over it all, and sprinkled with a little olive oil, then tossed it in a 400 degree oven for…oh, I’d say maybe 15 minutes. I wanted the eggs a bit runnier than they were, but I got chatting with Thadd and forgot to check them. Since they were still fabulous, no harm done. When it came out of the oven, I sprinkled on a little bit of truffle salt for fun, and served:

There are no quantities or set recipe, really, just what you’ve got on hand that’s fresh and that you like to eat with eggs. served with fresh coffee and a huge helping of relaxation, this was the perfect Sunday breakfast!

5 responses to “Elegant Simplicity: A Sunday Morning Recipe.

  • BargainBinge

    Honey bunny yummy in the tummy = that looks so delish Super Shawn!

    Okay so goat cheese.

    Today I got this:

    It says mild and creamy. I taste tested it straight up with a spoon. It was mild and creamy but still tangy and tasted like the way goats at the petting zoo smell. I was not impressed on first bite. I then added salt and pepper and spooned it, it was a lot more doable for me this way but still not a high scorer on my cheese ranking charts, lol. Judgeing by the link, how in oomparison do you think this one is with the kind you recommended? Which one is more mild and less tang? I got this one and a head of butter lettuce both free today as a giveway at a local indoor/outdoor farmer’s market I am a regular at.

    • shwankie

      BB, I can’t tell what kind of goats this is made from, so it’s hard to tell. Your best bet is to ask the farmer if they have Nubians. The reason for this is that Nubians produce some of the best goat’s milk, with the least “zoo” flavor. It’s pretty mild, and the cheese is usually creamy and wonderful, with less tang than some other goat’s milk will yield. Many people who attended my cheese class at Will Allen’s Growing Power weren’t goat cheese fans either, but they were complete converts once they tasted fresh cheese (we made Mozzarella and ricotta) with the amazing, fresh, Nubian goat milk!

      • shwankie

        Upon reading more, these are not likely Nubian goats, or at least all of theme aren’t since they use so many different producers, so it’s probably tangier. Try using localharvest.org to find a local cheese producer–you’ll be able to ask them more questions this way, and maybe find the goats you’re looking for 🙂

  • BargainBinge

    ps I like to enjoy the finer things in life and rank goat products superior in health benefits to cow dairy. However, this really is one you either love to love or love to hate lol It’s too distinct. The flavor improved as I ate it. After I posted this I tried a little bit on fig… then a taste test on a butter cracker and finally tomato slice. The flavors came together for me best on the butter cracker and I enjoyed it better. I’m now dying to know how this one might compare with Nubian. This one is local but not organic… organic cheese always tastes the best to me. I do like the cream cheese consitency of this one… so maybe a mild, creamy local organic goat cheese might be up my future alley!?!

    How and what was din din tonight? same as schedule below?

  • shwankie

    I think you’re on-track with finding a local, organic dairy!

    Dinner was actually re-vamped a bit, as Thadd had a stomach upset (courtesy, I believe, of something in his Chem lab), and fish cakes just weren’t going to be something he could stomach. So, we ate leftover kufta. The fish cakes will likely go on this coming week’s menu, though. You?

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