Putting By. Or: Let the Canning Begin!

We’re coming into peak harvest here, and it’s time to get all the wonderful overabundance into stores for the coming seasons. In other words, we’re canning.  Above is our own creation, of sorts. We had all these little tomatoes that needed to be preserved, and a bunch of other little veggies, too. So, we brined the daylights out of them and created these sweet-and-spicy snack mix pickles. They are so very, very good (we kept a small jar in the refrigerator, uncanned, so we could check how the flavors proceeded..yum! doesn’t quite cover it). We’re definitely doing more of these. We kept the pH nice an high with lots of vinegar and some sugar, using a brink intended for carrots to make sure we didn’t under-do it and risk botulism (never fun).

Also, of course, we’re doing the obligatory regular pickles (of which I did not get a picture), some jams, and tomatoes:

What are you canning?


3 responses to “Putting By. Or: Let the Canning Begin!

  • iasmindecordoba

    So far this year we’re doing peach salsa and peach sauce (like apple sauce). We’re considering pickled green beans. If I can find a decent okra crop I’ll do those too. (We’re all about having cocktail garnishes this year, apparently.) What I’m hoping for inspiration on is a good chow chow recipe, like what the little, old Finnish ladies used to sell at the church bake sales in the Upper Peninsula.

  • shwankie

    Sounds yummy!

    I’ve never heard of chow..can you describe it for me? I have no idea how I missed it, being in the UP for part of my youth!

  • iasmindecordoba

    The varieties the ladies made in the UP always included a mix of cabbage (sometimes, though rarely, zucchini), bell peppers (red or green but usually green), onion in some form, and most especially cauliflower. It’s the cauliflower I remember the most. Best I can figure it’s really just a chutney recipe, but with non-traditional ingredients. The pickling spices resemble more of a curry mix than pickling spices to be honest. Turmeric, ginger, celery seed, mustard seed or dry mustard, sugar, salt, vinegar. I never got a chance to ask anyone how they made theirs. I may have to make up my own recipe. 🙂

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