On the Menu: August 22-27

As Thadd gets ready to head back to school this Thursday and I take on more work (this always happens in the fall, which I am happy about–cash is always welcome–but it does hectic things up a bit), the menu will look different. And, the seasons are changing, so new vegetables will be in and some of our spring and summers will be out. There’ll be a bit more on that later this week, when I share with you what our Fall & Winter garden will be like! For now, you’ll just have to be content with our menu:

On the Menu


Monday: Shawn’s Special Chili. Yes, I know it’s still August in VA, which can mean searing heat and humidity. Why in the world am I making chili? Well, apparently Thadd’s been craving it for weeks and finally got up the courage to admit he’s a little nuts and wanted it for dinner. We’ll be using our fresh tomatoes, too, which should make it extra fabulous. There is meat in this chili (grass-fed, local, from our favorite beef farm Pannill’s Gate), but it’s important to remember that much of what you see here isn’t exactly as it might seem from a standard American perspective. This chili “recipe” (I call it that, Thadd calls it “another thing I don’t write down so no one else can ever duplicate) uses 1 lb of ground beef, but makes…oh, I’d say about 2 gallons of chili. The meat is flavoring, but the protein comes from lots and lots of beans. 3 kinds, in fact. We’ll eat some, and some goes in the freezer for quick meals later on.

Tuesday: Vegetarian Kufta:

We love lentils. These are a lot like falafel, and are usually fried; but, we prefer to just bake them. They’re topped with a yogurt sauce, fresh tomatoes, and can be eaten either on greens or on flat bread (we’ll do both).

Wednesday: Protein & Vegetable Kebobs. Probably tofu, if I get a chance to stop by Integral Yoga on Monday to pick some Twin Oaks up (we’re out–I need to stock up). We’ll marinade in whatever comes to mind, then throw them on the grill. Thadd will eat his over rice, I’ll likely eat mine as-is.

Thursday: Not-Your-Mom’s meatloaf, with seasonal vegetable. Thadd teases me about this. He loves my meatloaf, but keeps insisting that, since it’s got beans, carrots, spinach, broccoli, and often some other veggies in it, it’s not really meatloaf.  I disagree–it’s got meat, and it’s in a loaf. Ergo, it’s meatloaf.  Whoever you agree with, this is one way we stretch that fabulous meat we get. It’ll be served with whatever vegetable is fresh out of the garden that day.

Friday: Salmon patties, with quinoa and fresh vegetable. Canned salmon has it’s positives and negatives. On the plus side, it’s the cheapest way I’ve found to get wild caught salmon, which is both leaps and bounds healthier for you than farmed, and far more environmentally friendly. The downside is that it’s been impossible for me to find it canned without BPA. Here’s where we compromise in our household. We use almost nothing else with BPA: we store in glass, we buy almost nothing else canned besides fishes, we don’t use plastic eating or drinking ware, etc.  We’ve decided that, for us, the BPA cans of fish are worth the benefits of the salmon. Feel free to disagree for yourself, but it’s a decision we’ve made for us. These will be cajun spiced, and served with a yummy quinoa “risotto” made with coconut milk. Again, as it’s summer and we have a garden, the vegetable will be whatever we have on hand.

Saturday: Tortilla soup. This will be a modified version, since we’ll be using up some turkey meat that needs to come out of the freezer instead of chicken (the stock will be homemade chicken stock, though). But, it’s a great seasonal soup, with fresh corn, jalapenos, and tomatoes. We’ll eat some and freeze some.

I think I’m going to stop doing lunches and breakfasts here, since that never really changes.

And, that’s it for this week! How are you eating healthy this week?


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